Chilling in my work office between archaeodeath schemes

Those of you regular to this blog will notice that I have tried an Archaeodeath makeover by selecting an alternative WordPress theme: Blogum. So far so good, but if it all goes wrong, you might see another shift…. Hopefully in this format you will see more easily recent blog posts and be able to search them easier, as well as enjoying a clearer, crisper relationship between content. The more understated (i.e. dull) format will hopefully allow views to focus on content.

Well, I have reached the end of the Archaeodeath academic year and wrapped up all of my admin, my teaching duties and responsibilities and I am almost nearing the end of many of my 2014/15 research objectives.

Do you know what? I’ve done something radical. I’ve booked annual leave which I am told I’m entitled to and my job gives me time to enjoy. That’s the plan anyway. So I have booked annual leave throughout all of July and all of August, apart from one week when I am duty tutor, and indeed for much of September apart from going to the EAA conference in Glasgow.

Will I stop blogging? No! It is too fun and holiday time means lots of visits to ancient monuments, historic buildings and multi-period landscapes, not to mention churches, cemeteries and graveyards. Let the good-death-blog-times flow!

Have I finished research work? This professor of archaeology never finishes! Somewhere, there is archaeodeath happening and I will be there with my lens and my ideas to record it happening.

Also, I have loads of specific work to do and somehow to find time for while on holiday including:

  1. postgraduate supervision never seems to stop! I have 5 MPhil/PhD students’ whose work needs to be read and who need support, including an entire draft thesis to read and comment on, plus another student who has just submitted and will need support and guidance preparing for her viva voce examination.
  2. I have Masters students working on their dissertations for the MA Archaeology of Death and Memory to keep supporting.
  3. I have to read and mark a PhD thesis on ‘the past in the past’ I’ve agreed to external examine
  4. I have the proofs of a book to finish working through – Early Medieval Monuments – looking good but tweaks needed to text and images.
  5. I have the art log of a second book to wrap up – Archaeologists and the Dead
  6. I am wrapping up both editing and writing a special edition of the European Journal of Archaeology I am guest editing, including reading all final submissions by other authors and revising my two articles – my hogbacks Mark II and an Introduction on the theme of death, memory and citation in the Viking world.
  7. Work further on my papers on cathedral tombs and ancient monuments and their literary and archaeological dimensions for the Past in its Place project.
  8. Editing articles for the Archaeological Journal, volume 173 for 2016, issue 1, due out Jan 2016 online. 
  9. Hey, I still have a massive archaeodeath ‘back-blog’ from the last 12 months: including sites I have been to I haven’t reported on yet and commentaries on ‘Vikings’ seasons 2 and 3. As a teaser-trailer, below is a panorama of a famous Viking Age site I have recently visited and yet to blog about, and below that a photograph of a ‘Viking’ from one museum I visited which I haven’t yet discussed on the blog. Guess where they are?

    Where’s this famous Viking Age site?
A museum I haven’t blogged about yet. Guess where it is!

So I’m off to enjoy my summer holidays folks. I hope you all enjoy yours!

Expect a blog once every few days as per usual and I hope to report updates on my archaeodeath work and play in due course.