IMG_20140924_131537The Royal Archaeological Institute in partnership with Routledge (Taylor and Francis) are publishing two online editions of the Archaeological Journal during 2015:

  • vol. 172 part 1, January 2015
  • vol. 172 part 2 June 2015

These online editions will be compiled into our traditional annual print volume for circulation in July 2015.


I am pleased to announce the articles to be published soon in our first online edition: vol. 172 part 1 for 2015:

  • Vicki Cummings and Gary Robinson: The Life and Times of a Chambered Tomb:  The Results of Survey and Excavation at Blasthill Chambered Tomb, Kintyre, Western Scotland. 

  • Andy M. Jones: Ritual, Rubbish or Everyday Life? Evidence from a Middle Bronze Age Settlement in Mid-Cornwall. 

  • Craig Cessford: The St John’s Hospital Cemetery and Environs, Cambridge: Contextualizing the Medieval Urban Dead. 

  • Julian Ayre and Robin Wroe-Brown: The Post-Roman Foreshore and the Origins of the Late Anglo-Saxon Waterfront and Dock at Æthelred’s Hithe: Excavations at Bull Wharf, City of London.

In addition these four articles, there will also be a substantial set of book reviews.