Ruth Nugent, new editorial assistant for the Archaeological Journal

The workload in producing two Archaeological Journals in one year to bring the schedule of the journal into line with other major national journals has been gruelling. In addition, the transition to our new publishing partner – Routledge – has involved a heavier workload in itself: the editing of a large chunk of a third volume in the same year that vols 170 and 171 have been produced.

Vol. 172 for 2015, the first to come out with Routledge, will be published in two online installments. Part 1 will be online for Dec 2014!

This heavy work load has meant that I very much valued the appointment of an editorial assistant at the start of 2014 to help with identifying and chasing anonymous referees and to provide a second pair of eyes to scrutinise resubmissions and first proofs of submissions. My editorial assistant – Anna Mackenzie – has made a valuable contribution and has just completed her role halfway through production of vol. 172.

At relatively short notice, I am relieved and delighted to announce my new editorial assistant for vol. 172 part 2 will be Ruth Nugent. Ruth is my doctoral student exploring death and memory in English cathedrals as part of the Speaking with the Dead strand of the Past in its Place project. Ruth has previously completed an MPhil exploring early Anglo-Saxon mortuary practice under my supervision.

Ruth is an eminently qualified and reliable individual who will be helping me over the next 6-9 months in ensuring vol. 172 of the Archaeological Journal reaches the highest possible standards in terms of the quality of content, style and presentation.