With mural monuments behind, here is the principal banner for the exhibition
We have been attentive to positioning our displays to frame tombs and memorial chapels
The Speaking with the Dead exhibition in the south transept of Chester Cathedral

Having spent a morning with Ruth and Paty setting up posters and our table, I spent this afternoon in Chester Cathedral talking to visitors to the Speaking with the Dead exhibition. I won’t be there every day, but it has been fascinating to watch people reading the displays and asking about the project and the website and where they can find out more about our project, including staff of the cathedral itself.

I have learned a great deal about the interest in the tombs and memorials and how they are a complex, almost bewildering and challenging assemblage for any visitor as well as those working and worshipping regularly within the cathedral church. I ended up being led off to view and interpret other memorials and engage with a range of questions about death, burial, commemoration in cathedrals from the Middle Ages to the present day.

Remember to visit before Sunday 26th October!