This morning Paty, Ruth and I set up the Speaking with the Dead exhibition in the south transept of Chester Cathedral. Previously, the exhibition had been on display at Exeter and St Alban’s cathedrals.

Exploring dimensions of the long-term uses and reuses of cathedral spaces for the commemoration of the dead, our exhibition is the work of our Leverhulme Trust funded project Speaking with the Dead. This is itself part of a broader project exploring the history of memory from interdisciplinary perspectives: The Past in its Place.

It was exciting to set it up and already see people reading the displays and combining this with detailed scrutiny of the memorials in the south transept. Like all poster-displays, we don’t expect people to read them all, but hope that some of what they read allows them to look afresh at the tombs within the cathedral space itself. Here are some pics of the opening stages.

The introduction to the exhibition
Our exhibition table where you can leave comments, with the Duke of Westminster’s effigy tomb behind.
Chester Cathedral’s south transept with the display boards and exhibition table
The life histories of effigies poster
Posters on saints and moving memorials
Posters on cremation in the cathedral and memories of destruction
Visitor looking at the exhibition