IMG_20140924_094815I have received very good news about Project Eliseg. This is a collaborative project between Bangor University, the University of Chester, Llangollen Museum and Cadw. Project Eliseg is investigating the early ninth-century cross-shaft and base known as the Pillar of Eliseg, near Valle Crucis, Llangollen Denbighshire.  Following 3 field seasons in 2010, 2011 and 2012, the project is in the post-excavation stages.

Today I (bloke in purple shirt in office, bottom centre) had a serious and long project meeting via Skype with my Project Eliseg collaborators Professor Nancy Edwards (the white silhouette top-right), Dr Gary Robinson (the whippet on the sofa top-left). We learned that we have the opportunity to apply for funding to complete its post-excavation stages from Cadw.  If successful, we aim to put into practice an ambitious plan to bring together the post-excavation work on the project by February 2015, leading to the writing up of our project during the rest of that year.

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