IMG_20140924_131537I am pleased to say that I am now well over halfway in my term of office as Honorary Editor for the Royal Archaeological Institute‘s annual journal: the Archaeological Journal. I am learning a lot and enjoying the hard work of editing dozens of journal articles and publishing them to as high a standard as I can manage.

To date, I served as Reviews Editor for vol. 168 for 2011 and then as Honorary Editor for vol. 169 for 2012, vol. 170 for 2013 and just out vol. 171 for 2014. In total, this amounts to editing c. 32 journal articles which report original research dealing with the full span of the human past in these islands and neighbouring regions from the Palaeolithic to the 20th century.

I have also edited two of the RAI’s Summer Meetings reports, written and compiled by David Breeze.

Vol. 172 for 2015 is in production with our new partner: Routledge, and the first of two parts will be published online in December 2014, slightly ahead of the schedule previously advertised on this blog.