IMG_20140828_131019This coming month sees exciting new developments with the Archaeological Journal – the annual publication of the Royal Archaeological Institute. 

  1. Volume 171 for 2014 is due for publication online via the RAI’s website and distributed to members in print: this will be my third edited volume.
  2. Volume 172 for 2015 will be the first edition of the Archaeological Journal to be published online and in print with Routledge,
  3. Volume 172 will appear online in two parts in January and July ahead of print distribution in Sept 2015,
  4. I renew my call for papers for copy for volume 172 part 2: see here for details.
  5. I have received new postcards to promote the Journal from Routledge and I have proudly displayed two of them on my new office door.

Volume 172 is promising to be a very exciting volume with a rich range of multi-period and period-specific contributions relating to the archaeology of the British Isles.