Neolithic dolmen, Bodowyr, Anglesey

IMG_3072On a previous trip to Angelsey I visited Bryn Celli Ddu and Caer Leb. We revisited them again on the recent trip with Katy Meyers and I report on those elsewhere here. A further site on my road trip with Miss ‘Bones Don’t Lie’ was the Neolithic tomb of Bodowyr.

This striking dolmen is located in south-east Anglesey with wonderful views to be had over Snowdonia. According to the Cadw guidebook for Anglesey by Yates and Longley, the site has never been excavated. It comprised of five upright stones (one now fallen) and a capstone. Frances Lynch, in her Gwynedd guidebook, describes it as ‘a very attractive monument, everybody’s ideal of a dolmen’. She outlines how it might have originally been covered by a circular cairn – recorded in early descriptions – and a passage allowing access to the chamber created by the uprights have now gone.

Unfortunately, the field was bullock-infested, so much bravery was mustered and a bold stride across the field took place. The bulls were scattered in our wake. Still, they did show too much curiosity and we had to jump hastily inside the iron fences whilst the bulls gathered around to scowl at us. The challenge was then how to get back to the road whilst surrounded by bulls on all sides. We decided to conduct an orderly and well-planned retreat towards the car and we did not at any moment run. The bulls were not a problem at all, not one jot.

Trapped inside the fence with the dolmen by the bulls. Nice view of Snowdonia in the background…