The Walking Dead at Co-op Funeral Care – Consett, Co. Durham: Daily Mail website

I remember when it first came out, reading the news story about the ‘tasteless’ advertising of The Walking Dead adjacent to a Co-op funeral parlour in Consett Co. Durham. This was a wonderful development of the zombie phemonenon from multiple generatons of horror movies and their spoofs into prime-time US drama and into UK popular culture.

I always wanted to watch the show but without the luxury of good fast broadband at the time, a DVD recorder or fancy TV options, I never saw it.
So I was extra excited for my birthday in December to get Seasons 1-3 of The Walking Dead on DVD. I am now addicted, have watched all three seasons and can’t wait to be able to see Seasons 4 and 5!
Is there an archaeodeath dimension? Not really. There is one scene in Season 2 involving a churchyard and slaughtering a zombie congregation within a Southern Baptist church, but most of it is a series of abandoned landscapes filmed in the US state of Georgia. I wonder if there is zombie heritage tourism yet?

It is gripping, compelling, addictive zombie drama, with Season 3 bringing in the crazy Governor and the best character yet: loner Michonne with her dreads and samurai sword.

Apart from Andrew Lincoln increasingly looking as exhausted as someone I know who endures broken sleep on account of being a father of five young kids, this is great escapism between writing about mortuary archaeology in the Archaeoden.