I have a run of local society talks upcoming, including Holt Historical Society and Norfolk Archaeological Society and in 11 months time TAG comes to Manchester. Also, I wanted to let you all know about two exciting conferences that I am most certainly going to in 2014.

Nordic TAG, Stockholm

For the first time ever, I will be attending a Nordic TAG!  It is being held at Stockholm University in April. I am very excited about this as there appear to be a good range of interesting session themes.

I am co-organising a session on Material Citations in the Viking World – a re-run of the same theme, but with different speakers – as the session I organised at the EAA in Pilsen in Sept 2013. There will be papers on assembly places as citational environments, gaming pieces and mortuary citations, coins reused as pendants, imitating coins in Viking Scandinavia, citations between tenth-century hogback stones, burial mounds and landscape citations, and Viking graves as citational fields. Should make for a great session.

I have a paper accepted for another session at the conference – the one on memory and archaeology – in which I will be looking at tombs and memorials in English and Welsh cathedrals with regard to social memory. This will explore some of my ideas from the cathedrals project investigation the dynamic interaction of tombs and memorials with each other and with architecture.

EAA Istanbul

My co-organised session proposal at the EAA Istanbul has been accepted. It is looking to be a very exciting session on ‘Funerary Flops, Monumental Failures and Dead Ends’ looking at the range of ways in which funerals and commemorative monuments failed, botched, incomplete or disrupted. The point of the session is to show how much can be revealed about past societies and their attitudes towards death, burial and commemoration from when things didn’t go to plan…