Day 24 archaeotache – with under a week to go with Movember

Through the mists of time,  through relict landscapes,  from ruins and megaliths,  from art and artifice,  through ancient lore and law,  through song and story, from runes and ciphers,  from tombs and cemeteries, growing from the upper-lip of man, a new power for good shall rise,  the one and only:  ARCHAEOTACHE.

Last month I blogged that I was growing a moustache to raise money for Movember. My team, together with co-mo-growers Gary Duckers and Dr John Naylor is called Archaeotache. Together we are the Three Superheroes of Team Archaeotache.

Duckers aka Lidartache: with the ability to investigate historic landscapes with the power of facial hair.

Naylor aka Numismatache: with the power to examine middle Saxon sceattas with his die-hard coin-mo.

Williams aka Professor Archaeotache: whose mortuary moustache continues its month-long mission to can seek out ancient tombs and old civilizations, and boldly mo where no mo has been before.

On day 24 of Movember and with less than a week to go before the moustache disappears, now is the time to prepare your votive offerings in honour of Team Archaeotache. In the next week, do consider donating to Gary, John or me for our hairy mo-efforts. Clear here.