Today, I learned via the BBC News website, that a dig had taken place very close to where I live, 10 minutes drive away in Mold. The dig was co-directed by Mark Lodwick, the FLO for Wales with the Portable Antiquities Scheme, based in the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff, and community archaeologist and fellow-medievalist Alice Forward.

I was very excited to hear about it. I can’t blog about all digs going on, but I have to say a brief thing about the excavations at Mold at the site where the famous gold cape was found in the nineteenth century. This is a really brilliant initiative, both for the community component which is very welcome, and for the timing of this, whether deliberate or happenstance, coinciding with the recent display of the Mold gold cape at Wrexham Museum.

Inevitably the results of the dig have yet to be revealed, but any context for such an internationally important artefact, given the paucity of the records from the original antiquarian dig, can only be applauded. There is a lot to be gained by revisiting find-spots and investigating them again with modern methods. It is what we have been doing at the Pillar of Eliseg – which is also a Bronze Age burial monument, although we lacked a cape…