P1010032It wasn’t long ago I was able to update you on the latest information in my capacity as Honorary Editor for the Royal Archaeological Institute’s journal – the Archaeological Journal. Hot on the heels of news that vol. 169 for 2012 is available online for Members of the RAI and the print version will soon be distributed, vol. 170 for 2013 is now moving forward to production. This latest volume of the Archaeological Journal will be published online and in print in April 2014. To whet your appetites, here is the provisional details of the contents:

Editorial by Howard Williams and Kate Waddington

Landscapes of stone: contextualising greenstone working and lithics from Clodgy Moor by Andy M. Jones et al.

Of human remains and weapons in the neighbourhood of London’: new radiocarbon dates on Thames ‘river skulls’ exhibiting injuries by Rick Schulting and Richard Bradley

Symbols of power: eagles in Roman Britain and the Silchester bronze eagle  by Emma Durham with Michael Fulford

Two possible nymphaea at Truckle Hill, North Wraxall, Wiltshire by Phil Andrew

Piecing together identity: a social investigation of early Anglo-Saxon cremation practices by Kirsty E. Squires

Cottam, Cowlam and Environs: an Anglo-Saxon estate on the Yorkshire Wolds by Julian D. Richards

The Anglo-Saxon chapel at St Laurence at Bradford on Avon: some further observations by Jeremy Haslam


As you can see, we have a nice mix of prehistoric and early historic archaeology in vol. 170. Remember, vol. 171 for 2014 will also appear within 2014 as previously explained. I will update on the contents of this volume as soon as it is finalized during the autumn of this year.