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AJ 169 COVERVol. 169 for 2012 Published Online

Last month I posted a blog entry regarding the forthcoming vol. 169 of the Archaeological Journal. I am now pleased and proud to announce that this volume is published online via the RAI’s website and available to members and subscribing libraries.

The decision to publish online ahead of the distribution of the print journal was motivated by the desire for academics involved in the Research Excellence Framework to have their articles in the public domain as soon as possible, balanced against the fact that it will be cheaper for the Institute to distribute the Journal in the early autumn together with other materials including the Summer Meetings Report and Newsletter.

To whet your appetite, the list of contents I repeat here:


A Neolithic and Bronze Age Monument Complex and its Early Medieval Reuse: Excavations at Netherfield Farm, South Petherton, Somerset, 2006 by ANDREW MUDD and MARK BRETT

‘… An Assemblage of Ponderous Stones’: Recent Archaeological Fieldwork at Stanton Drew Stone Circles by JODIE LEWIS and DAVID MULLIN

Alignments: Revising the Atlantic Late Bronze Age Sequence by COLIN BURGESS

Excavations at Fin Cop, Derbyshire: An Iron Age Hillfort in Conflict? by CLIVE WADDINGTON

Cadbury Castle, Devon, Reconsidered by E. M. WILKES and F. M. GRIFFITH

The Insignia of Women’: Dress, Gender and Identity on the Roman Funerary Monument of Regina from Arbeia by MAUREEN CARROLL

Populating the Pots: The Demography of the Early Anglo-Saxon Cemeteries at Elsham and Cleatham, North Lincolnshire by KIRSTY SQUIRES

Early Medieval Settlement at Mothecombe, Devon: The Interaction of Local, Regional and Long-Distance Dynamics by ANDREW AGATE, MARIA DUGGAN, STEVE ROSKAMS and SAM TURNER

‘Riveted Mounts’ Reconsidered: Horn Composite Combs in Early Medieval Britain, Ireland and France by IAN RIDDLER, NICOLA TRZASKA-NARTOWSKI and JEAN SOULAT

The Apotropaic Symbolled Threshold to Nevern Castle – Castell Nanhyfer by CHRIS CAPLE

Cuisine and Urban Identities in Medieval England: Objects, Foodstuffs and Urban Life in Thirteenth- and Fourteenth-Century Hampshire by BEN JERVIS

Regional Power and the Profits of War: the East Range of Warwick Castle by ANDREW PARKYN and TOM MCNEILL

A Hedgehog on the Heath: The Second World War Landscape of Excercise ‘Kruschen’, Dunwich, Suffolk by ROBERT LIDDIARD and DAVID SIMS

P1010032A Change of Production Schedule for the Archaeological Journal

The RAI have decided that it is better for the Institute’s members and other readers for the journal to henceforth appear in the same year as on the cover, rather than in the subsequent year as has been the well-established tradition. The reasons for this change of schedule are numerous but revolve around two principal concerns:

(a) to counter the misapprehension among some that the journal is ‘late’ on its current schedule, and the confusion of this with a slow turnaround, the change of schedule will bring us in line with the production schedules of most other national and international journals.

(b) to ensure that membership coincides directly with the year of the journal received (i.e. a member for 2015 will receive the journal ‘for’ 2015, not the journal for 2014).

To this end, members and libraries will receive TWO JOURNALS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE YEAR’S MEMBERSHIP in 2014.

publicationsVol. 170 for 2013
I am pleased to announce that submissions to vol. 170 have now gone through peer-review and I am now receiving back revised texts, tables and illustrations. Final copy-editing and queries will be sorted out in August for submission to our production company in September. Publication is scheduled for April 2014.

Vol. 171 for 2014
Submissions for vol. 171 have been accepted through discussions with the Editor and peer-review is completed for some and ongoing for others. Final decisions on content, revisions, copy-editing and queries will be finalised in the autumn of 2013 for submission to our production company in December 2013 or January 2014. Publication is scheduled for September 2014.

Vol. 172 for 2015 – Call for Papers

The next available issue of the Archaeological Journal for publication is vol. 171 for 2015. Submissions are accepted anytime from now until 1st May 2014. Publication is scheduled for summer 2015. Contact the Editor at if you have any questions and you can download guidelines for authors from the RAI website.