I was recently asked to give my views on archaeology by Drs H and A. Here are some views.


Howard Williams is Professor of Archaeology at the University of Chester.

He has recently started his own blog Archaeodeath.

Never one to mince his words, Howard gives us his opinions on eminent archaeologists, landscape archaeology and the current Doctor Who…

Ask an Archaeologist
What is your specialism?
Death and burial, monuments and memory, the Early Middle Ages and the contemporary past.
Why did you become an archaeologist?
I was interested in it and I thought I might enjoy it. Sometimes I believe it was a good idea.
Which archaeologist (past or present) would you invite onto an excavation?
This question presumes that having someone one admires and/or respects actually turning up in the middle of an excavation is a positive thing. My experience of this has been largely negative on a variety of levels. They can screw up the routine, screw up the sections and introduce dangerous thinking. At least…

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